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Burton In Kendal
Sports & Recreation Trust


  • How Do I Access The MUGA / Facilities
    The MUGA Gate Is Kept Secure Via An Electronic Lock. Once Inside You Can Easily Unlock The Gate Using A Simple Push Button Located Near The Main Pedestrian Gate ​ Access To The MUGA Is Via One Of The Following Three Methods: ​ Key Fob If You Are A Regular User You Can Request a Key Fob Via The 'Contact Us' Page.​ ​ PIN Access Key Safe Occasional Users Will Be Provided With The Code For The Key Safe Located Next To The Gate. The Code Is Changed On A Regular Bases ​ Face-to-Face if You Want To See How The System Works Or Need Help With First Time Use Send A Message Via The 'Contact Us' Page.
  • How Do I Turn On The Flood Lights
    The Main Switch For The Floodlights Are In the Clubhouse. They Are Charged At £5.00 Per Hour.
  • Can I Cancel, Ammend or Change My Bookings"
    Yes - if You Provided 24 Hour Notice Then You Will Not Be Charged For The Booking.
  • How Do I Set Up The Tennis Nets
    The FAQ title can be adjusted in the settings tab of the App Settings. You can also remove the title by unchecking its checkbox in the settings tab.
  • How Do I Contact You If I Cannot Access The MUFA / Facilities
    Please Send An EMail A Dedicated Mobile Number For Access Is Under Review
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